Standard Flat Track Sliding Door Hardware

Interior Barn Doors for Sale Reserve Horseshoe Track KitI had been seeing this special and different type of door hardware and until I visited a friends loft apartment was I able to ask what the name of the door is.  It was just too beautiful to behold. He told me its name is standard flat track sliding door hardware. Upon further research I found out the installation involves the installation of a track sliding along a surface. A sliding door attachment is added to create an operable door that looks great and is 100% functional. Flat track systems date back to the turn of the century when it was most commonly used is warehouses and industrial settings. Today flat track sliding doors are often used for closing off rooms such as libraries, laundry rooms or offices, keeping unwanted items out of view or sectioning off areas to create dimensions. Sliding door hardware is often used in barn doors, galleries, loft apartments, restaurants and several other different places.

Flat track sliding doors are not stylish enough to be used anywhere within a large building and even in your home. All the hardware we offer at is durable and perfect for either interior or outdoor settings. No matter where you’re at, we pride ourselves on being able to serve you and anyone else around the world who require band door hardware or hardware assistance. Standard flat track sliding hardware comes in many finishes, including: standard black, machine polished, painted bronze, weathered rust and many more.

Interior Barn Doors for Sale also features numerous knobs and pulls designed to match our sliding door hardware.

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