Interior Barn Doors Are Everywhere!

Interior Barn Doors for Sale Loft 2 Rolling Door Hardware Kit with White Barn DoorThere is a reason interior barn doors are everywhere.  They’re perfect for adding a unique and charming look to your home as opposed to the standard bifold doors you’ll get from the builder.  And with all the various styles and ways to be used, designers love the simple look.  That means it’s not just a fad; this trend will be around for a while.  So go ahead and be creative!  We’re here to help you along the way as you make a statement in your home that’s hard to beat.

Our interior sliding barn door hardware kits on sale will bring you nothing but pleasure in hanging your own barn doors!  With pieces designed for a smooth and quiet slide every time, you’ll never cringe over a sound like squeaky hinges.  Affordable, space saving, and do it yourself ready, these barn door hardware kits are the perfect option for an easy remodel.

Finding ways to save space is never an easy venture.  With our interior barn door hardware, you’ll be able to mount a door for that rustic look you’ve been wanting.  Sliding barn doors function on a rod mounted above the doorway.  The barn door lies almost flat along the wall it’s mounted to, leaving a small buffer space to prevent the walls from being scratched or dented.  The door is designed to slide easily along this rod to close the room.  Lose the inconvenience of traditional doors that open out into cluttered space or take up valuable room with interior sliding barn doors! We also offer adjustable floor mounts that mount easily to your baseboard, requiring no routing, to make installation even easier.

Comparative options like pocket doors are difficult to install and expensive.  They require two hands to open and close, and over time can become very difficult to move.  Our sliding barn door hardware kit is the affordable alternative.  The hardware kit comes with everything you need to easily install your own sliding doors, saving you the too common remodeling headache.  Each high quality piece is designed for durability.  Years down the road, your door will be just as quiet and easy to slide as it was the first day you put it up.  With a sliding barn door, you’ll experience easy installation, and an original, quality design for many years of functionality that is entirely practical!

How your doors will look in your home is important to you, so rest assured that we offer a variety of designs to suit any style and need.  Our sliding barn door hardware kits are designed to compliment any door, and suit any decor collection.  From rustic cast iron to flawless industrial steel, the aesthetic quality of your hardware is sure to elicit comments and compliments from all who visit.

The interior sliding barn door hardware kit is a designer’s dream!  Sliding barn doors save valuable space, and are easy and affordable to install yourself.  Created to flow smoothly along a rod mounted above the doorway, the sliding barn door replaces traditional, wide swinging, cumbersome doors.  Take back your space, and install a sliding barn door today.  You’ll wonder why you didn’t choose to install your sliding door years ago!

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